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  • Jerremy Newsome

Abundance vs. Greed. A Proper View of Wealth.

“The markets are controlled by fear and greed.”

You have heard the famous quote, many times I’m sure. But why greed? And who is greedy? And, are they actually greedy?

My belief says, greed is a state of the soul. One that can never be quenched. Greed is only wanting for yourself and no one else.

If you are trying to make money for your family, church, friends, community, charity or baseball team, then by definition you aren’t greedy. You can not be. It becomes impossible. Giving eradicates greed.

Greedy individuals only (and I do mean only) care for themselves and their interests. They never give, provide or help.

But you aren’t like that!

You see, if you subconsciously believe that obtaining riches in any market makes you ‘greedy’, then you will ensure those riches don’t come into your life. You will never take that class, invest in that stock, buy that property or attend that life changing event. You will let the fear of success, albeit the fear of becoming or even just appearing greedy to others hold you back.

The truth is, if you are loving now, you will be more loving when you have more money. Money amplifies what is inside your heart. I am confident you have heard this many times.

However, you have also heard “what we say and speak becomes truth in our lives and unfolds in front of our eyes.” Which means if you say you are greedy, or if you say you will become greedy or if you truly believe any market is controlled by fear and greed, then you will not want any part of it.

My take: The markets are controlled by fear and optimism, financial zealousness, monetary excitement, but not greed.

Those who I teach, help, guide, instruct, coach, mentor (all the cool words); my objective is to give them the tools to create more cash flow in their lives so they can give more and thus live more. To give is to live. I want them to be able to give so much it is scary and terrifying. Because on the other side of that fear, is abundance.

Live in abundance my friends! Fear can be overcome by knowledge, wisdom, insight and all of those fun synonyms. So, once you remove fear from the markets and replace it with knowledge, I think YOU can live and invest in a market which is controlled by probabilities and financial zeal.

Jerremy Alexander Newsome

*Homeless looking dude that runs*

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