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2023 Purpose of Wealth | 10 Talents Extreme Money and Wealth Conference

money and wealth conference

I'm excited to announce the date for the 2023 Purpose of Wealth Event! The 10 Talents Extreme Money and Wealth Conference will be held on August 25th. The event is scheduled for August 25th from 5 PM to 9 PM CST via Zoom. Register Here

The Purpose of Wealth Event Series empowers people to make, manage, and multiply their money with a purpose. Go beyond the principle of tithing and discover how to give your work and money a purpose. We believe that attaching a purpose to "why you work and earn money" gives a person more inspiration, focus, and drive to leave a positive impact society and help those in need.

10 Talents Extreme Money and Wealth Conference

This year's speakers lineup includes Tony Bradshaw of The Millionaire Choice and Jerremy Newsome, CEO/Founder of Real Life Trading.

Tony Bradshaw
Jerremy Newsome

Tony and Jerremy will be joined at the event by several non-profit Purpose Partners to share their mission, vision, and purpose. The Purpose of Wealth Event connects the mind to the heart to change how we think, feel, and act about money. Enjoy Life. Help Others. Serve God. The better you manage your money; the more money you will have and the more impact you will have on the world and in people's lives for good.

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